Energy Audit — Let’s get some baseline data for the project

In this tutorial we will we take you through an actual home Energy Audit (EA) and share the report that the Energy Advisor produced.

So why did we need to do an EA? We needed to establish the actual energy use of my home. The EA data will serve as a baseline reference and help to validate the information produced by RHDS. Since we needed to do an EA to get the baseline data we decided to video the process and share it with you.

We have attached the actual report, you can view it here:

The energy use “baseline data” we were after is show below. These are the reference data points we will use to validate the empirical data produced by RHDS. If the numbers from the EA line up with RHDS we will know the the system is producing valid energy modeling information.

Key EA Numbers:

  • Design Heat Loss at -16.60 F: 44797.24 BTU/hr
  • Estimated Annual Space Heating Energy Consumption: 27747.17 kWh
  • Estimated Green House Gas emissions: 12.506 tonnes/year
  • Air Changes per hour (ACH): 1.68 /hr.

For more information concerning an Energy Audit you can check out the site at National Resources Canada (NRCAN):




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