Eclipse IoT Challenge Team

tom_moroczTom Morocz (Team Lead)

A technology evangelist who enjoys working with embedded systems. Tom has an R&D and business background within the Telecommunications and Utilities industry. He has a unique blend of business, product development, customer care skills and everything in between. He helped to pioneer the development of Network and Performance management systems which are used to help manage some of the largest IT environments on the planet. He is currently developing “Smart Energy” IoT applications for use in “Smart-Grid”.

larry-picLarry Widdifield (Building Sciences)

A diploma in Computer Science led to a successful 25 career in high technology. I then re-invented myself in building science and brought my passion for technology with me. I first gained a diploma in Home Inspection I then added a Level 1 Certification in Thermagraphy and then became a Natural Resources Canada trained certified Energy Advisor. I started the Ottawa Valley Energy Consultants and became an authorized Service Organization with Natural Resources Canada

dan_picDan Morocz (Developer) Currently completing the Business Intelligence Infrastructure post-grad program at Algonquin College, to complement an Algonquin College Computer Programmer diploma. Over 20 years of personal interest programming projects using various flavours of Java, PHP, C++, Python, C#, and more. Interest in AI algorithms, and some projects using Artificial Neural Networks