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Ottawa Internet of Things “IoT” firm wins bronze at international competition.

System is designed to help homeowners save big on energy costs.

Ottawa, Ontario March 27, 2017: With soaring building energy costs on the minds of every property owner or renter these days, a local IoT firm, Eneristics, has developed a system to provide real-time monitoring and diagnostics of energy consumption designed to not only help lower energy costs, but to improve occupant comfort and environmental health.

Eneristics entered their Residential Home Diagnostic System (RHDS) recently in an international competition hosted by the Eclipse Foundation of Ottawa and on March 15th they took home the bronze prize for their efforts. The RHDS uses a series of inexpensive and easy to set up sensors along with a user-friendly software application to permit home owners to monitor heat loss and conduction (energy transfer) and energy consumption in real-time and displays the results through an easy to understand dash board compatible with most personal electronic devices. It also provides an accurate report on the carbon output of the residence. Initial pricing estimates put this package at considerably less than one professional home-energy audit.

Eneristics project developer Tom Morocz commented, “Our hope is that a diagnostic system, as such, in the hands of a homeowner would allow them to make more informed home improvement decisions, perhaps improvements that are more adaptable and responsive to seasonal weather change. The obvious net benefits would be to drive down cost, improve comfort and reduce carbon output. All of which would help to create ‘Smart Cities’ which are greener and more sustainable.”

The Eclipse IoT (Internet of Things) Working Group is a collaborative working group hosted by the Eclipse Foundation that is working to create open source software for IoT solutions. Eclipse IoT is made up of over 30 member companies and 28 open source projects.

Eneristics is an Ottawa Canada based company working towards bringing high technology to the building science world. Their team’s backgrounds within Ottawa’s technology sector and a passion for helping people have proven useful in developing the RHDS.

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